Motography (again). Dan Chung at the Olympics

Last night I wrote an entry about motography (mobile photography). This morning while munching on my mid-morning banana and reading my paper of choice online, I came across Dan Chung’s blog at the guardian. It is a photo blog of the Olympics using an iphone 4 s and along with other things binoculars to take his pictures.

“Photography is an art form that still baffles me. Same camera same place but different photographer… totally different picture.”

Dan Chung.

These images really show what he is saying.

The Czech Republic’s Vavrinec Hradilek paddles to Silver in the Mens’s Kayak (K1) at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Canon Binoculars/Snapseed

Japan’s Yoshie Ueno wrestles with Korea’s Jung Da-woon in Judo at the ExCeL centre. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Canon binoculars/Snapseed

Team USA supporters cheer on their team at the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics at the North Greenwich Arena. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Snapseed

Britian’s James-Andrew Davis (L) is the last Britain to be eliminated from the Fencing by Germany’s Peter Joppich. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Snapseed

The blimp passes over the Olympic stadium. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Snapseed

Fans with Union Jack face paint enjoy the sunshine in the Olympic park. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Snapseed

Team USA’s Missy Franklin hold her gold medal for the Women’s 100m backstroke. Photograph: Dan Chung/IPhone 4S/Canon binoculars/Snapseed

These images give credence to the argument that it is not the equipment that makes the photographer. Dan has managed to think outside of the box to get around the cameras limitations and has created some interesting shots using creative composition. The images give the feel of a huge party happening in London at the moment and the energy being given off by the athletes.

All images sourced from the

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