Creative Fun Double Exposure


This picture was taken with a shot of the power cables above and then taking a picture of the thin stream below.


This panoramic took some time to plan, execute and shoot. The couple used to meet at this train station and wanted a picture of them together on it. I wanted to create a special image for them so decided to create 7 x exposed photo montage.


This image shows how double exposure and give a view beyond an object. Using two images this is a digital double exposure done in Photoshop.
The image is from shots i took last week of a door and a peep hole. Using the shot of the peep hole and the image through it and a portrait of the door, both which were discarded because they were under exposed I used my digital work flow to bring them together into a new image.


This image uses the technique of taking one image sharp in focus and one out of focus. The imaged was focused tightly on the tip of the leaf with a shallow depth of field. Due to this technique back ground highlight areas begin to halo and give sharpness to the blurred back ground. Image was processed digitally and a Velia colour profile added to the image.


I was try to get a good image of the Pigeons feeding and failed. Using the images In Raw I turned the exposure down and processed the images into a multiple exposure with the focus on the lone Pigeon. Black and white conversion with a blue cyan filter added.


This picture is an Image of the sky and lilly pads on a pond.


The end result is more of a montage than a double exposure but the beginning process was for it to be a double exposure. But the final touch was highlighting the edges of the flower by inking it in.


Fun tourist picture taken in Berlin. A friend wanted a picture of her Jumping in front of the gate. It took many shots before we got the final but i decided to add them altogether.


This photo is really a memory piece of the first time i met my niece when she was one year old. This montage of exposures are all taken from that time. The end result has quite a graphic feel.

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