Instagram pilgrimage across America.

I have never used Instagram mainly because I have never found a need for it in my workflow. My only contact with Instagram has been with photos that have appeared on my Facebook wall.

Now a group of Instagram users are going on a road trip across  America. The Pilgramers as they have dubbed themselves are going around America to Instameet with other Instagram users advertised though the app to discuss the instagram phenomenon.

Everything started as an internet meme video called, “Stuff Instagramers Say” posted by the group.

The video was made by Ryan Carl and Jody Johnston students of Liberty University in Virginia. They turned the videos into a series to explore the photo sharing app and the people who use it. The pair were then joined by Thomas Fisher and Instagramer Tim Landis. The four of them are now on a self-funded tour of America that will be edited into videos and shared on youtube.

The first two episodes have been posted.

The videos are less about how good Instagram is as an app but more to do with the social network aspects. People talk about how the sharing of images is part of their lives and how they have found and made friends though the social media app. I found it interesting that some of the people speaking said it got them more interested in photography by taking pictures and using Instagram.

Although I have never used Instagram I have also never been blown away by the images I have been shown. The everyday diary aspects of a series of images can be interesting; it’s the ultimate voyeurism letting people peep into all aspects of your life, through the square frame. I find the ease of the filters and editing the most off putting. I Don’t believe and I may be wrong, that a lot of thought goes into the use of the filters apart from “hey that looks cool!”  I wonder what will happen with Instagram after it is fully acquired by Facebook. Is it just a fashion trend and will fade away or is it here with us to stay

What do you think about Instagram and the Pilgramers let me know your thoughts.

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