HDR revisited. Wrocław Platform

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photogrpahy is great, I often take pictures using the HDR technique. If you Google HDR photography you will see a lot of HDR landscapes some of them may be subtle and delicate with others being very contrasted and saturated. When i started taking HDR images i loved the bold saturated colours and the detail that I would not normally get.

When arranging the post for today I picked an image I called “Platform Wrocław Station”. This picture was taken and processed as i was just starting to get into HDR. Looking at it today I am any longer impressed. So i re-editied the picture.


This was the original processing I processed it through Photomatrix and then camera raw. In Photoshop I sharpened and added a medium contrast s curve.

This version had the same Photomatrix conversion and was then processed in camera Raw. In photoshop I added A Fuji Provia colour profile a slight S curve and the sharpened.

Wrocław station I believe has been renovated for Euro 2012 so I will have to go back and make a comparison picture.

I prefer the new edit as it has smoother tones and the colours are still strong with out being garish.

I would love to know what you think, and which image you prefer.

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