A Nikon Ice Cream Sandwich

I have written before about motography and how it may be a new form of photography, one of the main things I believe is that motography has shown us even more that people want to share their pictures and they want to be able to do this with even more ease. Smart phones have enabled people to take pictures of snapshot quality and then upload them to their social media site of choice. Some may argue what was the point in having a digital camera for the average person. I know from my own experience that there is a camera in my apartment bought which has stayed in the cupboard really since it has been opened.

Well the dusty camera on the shelf may be a thing of the past. Nikon is releasing its Coolpix s800c.

This is a 16 megapixel camera with a 10x optical zoom and 3.5 inch touch screen. The most interesting feature for this camera is that it will be powered by the Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Using the android system you can download apps like Facebook and Twitter to enable fast sharing of your images. The camera is equipped with GPS to tag your images with location. The camera also has Wi-Fi connectivity you can take a picture and then quickly research the subject before sharing a picture and the information in one smooth workflow. The Nikon Coolpix s800c is what we could call a “smart camera”.

“The Coolpix S800c is a camera that acts smart and has been designed to enhance connectivity for photographers,” says James Loader, product manager for consumer products at Nikon UK.

The camera can also be used as a smart media centre with users being able to download other apps and games.

This camera seems to be a viable alternative to using your camera phone. Apps like Instagram and Hipstagram has made camera phone images show their possible potential. Compared to the new Nikon, camera phones have cheaper lenses and smaller sensors so will these apps make changes to suit a better camera. 57% of users in America and Europe take photos on their mobile phone and spend the same amount of time (sms) messaging as using apps. Would people want to have an extra piece of technology with them no matter how much better the camera is?

I am not sure.

A 13 megapixel CMOS sensor can produce large printable images so would be great for an average user to take pictures, share online and make prints as well as other printing products like canvas prints. A camera phone would not be this flexible with their images but there are companies that will take your camera phone pictures and transform them into these types of products.

The big impact is the price. The Nikon Coolpix s800c will be priced at £380 and $349. The price is higher than a standard compact camera when comparing it to the Nikon Coolpix S6300 which was launched at $199. Would you pay for the extra features of the android system?

I would not since the OS would not improve the image and if I was salesman I wouldn’t really find it much of an extra feature if the person didn’t use social media. The people using smartphones and social media would this feature be an advantage since they have these options on their phones already.

The camera has a short battery life of around 140 shots though unlike other compact cameras the battery is changeable. For a prepared person to carry an extra battery sounds like a good idea.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on cameras are not new features to cameras and can be useful. Linking your camera to your tablet or phone send images to a cloud storage system or as a journalist send to the picture desk is a useful system.

Does a compact camera need a similar system?

Maybe and I am going to say that I am not sure. This could be a revolutionary moment in photography like when the IPhone was launched and changed the average consumer’s use of their phone.  But with a comparative high price in Europe against the price in America. The phone also has direct competition with similar models without a operating system at over a third of the price and against cameras on the phones that a potential buyer possibly may have.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts, I Know You Have Some

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