The dance of the dying flowers

This was really a happy accident.

This morning I was making digital photgrams using my scanner. When I make photograms i use a box that is painted black inside which i place over the scanner and the objects that I want to use as the subjects of my photogram. The blacked box creates a fantastic black background and lets no other light onto the subjects except that of the scanner.

I was making multiple images and set the scanner to do this. Once i heard the laser pass i though it had finished and took off the box. The laser reset and began scanning again which made the image above. When i saw the laser rescanning I put the box back on quickly.

I did a basic edit and then sharpened and cleaned. What I love about the image is that it looks like a moonscape with the grey forground meeting the “horizon” and then the black of the “sky”. The subjects in the image are flowers in a different states of drying (dying). The shadows falling across the scanner as the box was replaces makes the very static objects have movement .

I named it “The dance of the dying flowers” becuase the flowers look as if they are spinning around to music in the moonscape setting.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts, I Know You Have Some

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