Lanercost Priory



This is Lanercost Priory near Brampton in Cumbria. If you go to Brampton there is quite a nice walk through a forest to get to the priory. Close to the priory is a Roman fort as well which you can walk around. The Priory is still in use but the main part of the building is in ruin. The grounds are open to the public as well as the grave yard with quite a number of very old tombstones.

It had been quite a long day when i took this picture with the weather changing constantly. The image, original a colour shot on the camera had  saturated green grass which conflicted with the grey stone. I converted the image in Camera Raw, cropped with the vignette and then I sharpened and dodged and burned areas of the priory wall in photoshop.

I really like the image square lines all of the walls of the building and the frame all falling into line with each other.

Let me know what you think.

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