Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This weeks weekly photo challenge  wants a picture which represents the urban quality of the city/town you live in.

The city i live in is a post industrial, post communist, multicultural city, originally known as the city of four cultures ( Polish Russian, German and Jewish). One of the things which you could say represents this in a portrait would be the mixture of bright shining new hotels next to old collapsing tenement houses. For me though this city has something else, it is a city which is redeveloping itself based on its past. It is slowly taking this grey buildings and giving them a face lift through careful restoration. It is a city which has engaged its textile heritage and holds bi-annual fashion weeks. It looks at the innovation of the past and showcases the best design and photography in both its design and photography festivals not to mention a comic book and gaming festival. It is a city that may longer be the second largest in the country and may not have the wealth of others but is a great city at the cross roads of Europe.

My Image for the urban topic tries to capture this new growth while slowly blurring the stereotypes attached to it.


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