World in a pool

This summer I read “The Magicains Nephew” by C.S Lewis. The story although not written before “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” it is seen by most as the first book in the “Chronicals of Narnia”.  The one great thing about the books is that it is lousy uses the others world theory. In very general terms the theory says that there is a world just like ours but different due to differnt out comes of actions. I have loved the idea in science fiction and in fantasy since i watched a TV series called “Spellbinder”. The other worlds theory was created by Hugh Everett who is the father of the lead singer of the “Eels”

This is a Link to a video of “E” (Mark Oliver Everett) looking into his fathers work.

For me pictures of reflections are my nod to the other worlds theory, because when you look into them you see the world looking back at you but always slightly distorted or changed.

The image above is of a small pond in a park, the reflection is of the trees that are growing around and are reflected back. By flipping the picture upside down the image appears to have a picture of a wood coming through the pond. Maybe it leads to the woods between the worlds.

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