Weekly Photo Challenge : Free Spirit

This weeks weekly photo challenge had me stumped as i didn’t want to make a cliche image that can be quite easy and appealing with a short deadline.

I wanted to show movement representing  free spirit. For me free spirit means a person has a freedom in themselves to do what they want and therefore go where they want. A freespirit also for me is someone who thinks outside the box and see things in a new and differnt way.

When contemplating the free spirit I was spinning a dice on my desk. While spinning the dice I came accross the idea that a dice maybe a good analogy of free spirit for this weeks challenge. In taking the pictures the dice deffinetly had a free spirit.

I took the pictures using my mini tripod on a table with my camera attached. Using a white sheet of paper to spin the dice on and as the back ground with natural light from the window as my main light source. I set a long exposure to try and capture the blur of the dice as it spun. I also used my flash gun to try and freeze the detail of the dice as well.

It was quite diffcult to capture the image and in the end i attached my wireless remote and used my mouth to press the remote trigger as sometimes the best shot came after i started to spin the dice.

I took 154 shots to capture these three images.

I processed the images in Camera Raw and then converted the image to black and white in Photoshop as well as adding a high key curve.

Let me know what you think.

Do you like the idea for the Weekly Photo Challenge?

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