Church interior before a wedding

Yesterday I wrote about taking wedding pictures. Today i though i would share with you an image i took on Saturday at a wedding.

I had arrived about 30 mins before guest arrive to do my final checks, the weather had been a bit patchy so i was not sure if we would get good sunlight of if it would be overcast. The verger opened the doors to the church and I quickly took some test shots. This is one of those test shots looking down the Church  aisle to the main doors.

It was shot at 1/60 at f/8  on 200iso. I created two images in camera raw one with the highlight detail and the other with the detail in the shadows. I blended them together adding a slightly contrasted curve and sharpened the image.

This is a great picture because it shows the peacefulness of the church before the service. The light coming through the door and the stained glass windows lighting the church the reflective details on the walls.

Let me know what you think.




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