Re-edit Friday; Łęczyca Ramparts

It is friday once again and I am re-editing one of my images.

The Image was take in Łęczyca. Łęczyca is an medieval town that has been sacked and burned many times it is also the location  of the first Polish parliament in 1182.

I took the picture from the top of the main tower of the Castle in Łęczyca, looking though one of its ramparts, down through the town below and out into the distance of the country side. The image was originally taken with an 80 ISO at 1/50 f6.3.

The picture looks pretty good but there are some overall issues with it. The sky is blown out from the hirizon to half way up and then it has quite nice details. This really  annoys me. The overall feel of the image is confused at times it feels hard and contrasted while at others it feels softer. The black and white conversion looks average and I am finding it hard to find a point of focus in the image.

The first ever photograph. By Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre

When looking at the Raw image I felt it had a feel of the first Daguerreotype. I started my re edit with this in mind. I took the Raw image and processed it in Camera Raw paying particular attention to the sky which, I didn’t want to be blown out as well as the contrast of the overall image. I then imported the image into Photoshop and converted the image to black and white simulating the tones of a Daguerreotype. I added contrast with a curves adjustment, then dodged and burned the image. I gave a sepia coloring to the image next and added a square vignette. Sharpened and reduced noise.

This image looks much better than the original. With the sky not being blown out you can see more detail and it also compositionally acts to draw your eye down to the horizon line. The same can be said with the new contrasting and tones in the rampart with the help of the vignette drawing your eye up into the town below.  The image now looks like one whole piece not a montage just thrown together with random photos. I really like the sepia colouring, giving the image just enough depth in the lighter details.

I like the re-edited image do you? Let me know.

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