Re-edit Friday; Reflecting God

Welcome back to another Friday and because it is Friday I am re-editing an image.

This weeks image is one taken a while ago that i ran across this week when preparing slides for one of my lessons. When I saw it i was thinking, maybe i edited this without my glasses on.

The picture is of a Russian Orthodox church in my city of Lodz. The church is in a strange place for me. It sits on a junction next to a communist era hotel, dilapidated tenement houses, at the time a run down train station, terraced town houses needing to be replastered and a small park. The bright saturated colours of the church is eye catching in quite a monotone area.

Looking at the picture it looks overly sharpened with far too much contrast.  I decided to go back to the original file.

The original file i used was actually overexposed. I looked at my raw conversion settings to try and understand where i went wrong.

From looking at the raw conversion file it appears i was trying to save the details at the top of the image in the midtones, as I had raised the recovery and lowered the fill in light as well as majorly raising the black point. I am not sure why i raised the black point so far because you really should not do this.

I took the correct exposure that i had also taken at the time. I processed the image through camera raw. I didn’t need to change the exposure I only adjusted the black and white point a small amount. I also added two colour gradients to enhance the gradient running through the picture.

One of the big changes i made was cropping the image to a square. Although the main image has a good area of negative space i don’t think it helps the composition too much. I cropped to a square to take advantage of  the parallels in the image.

I imported the image to photoshop toned the image to Provia film stock, reduced the noise of the image and  sharpened it, finally i added a small curve adjustment.

I really like this version more. The colours are less contrasted, has better exposure and detail in the reflected sky. The church also has more detail and is sharper. One of the reasons for using reflections is to take an image and involve it in an interesting composition.

With this picture i was trying to give the church a more colourful environment like in, the fallen autumn leaves and the clear blue sky, instead of the mainly grey enviroment the church exists in.

Which image do you prefer? Let me know in the comment section below.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts, I Know You Have Some

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