With a topic like shadow the easiest thing to do is shot your own shadow. Believe me thats what i was thinking of doing.

I had the morning free to shoot. I went out after my early morning blogging and editing to do just that. My aim for this morning was to do something that i had been looking forward to doing for weeks as the weather was right for it.

After taking my pictures i was heading to my lessons. On the way i was listening to Ben Howard (the best thinking/meditation music when walking IMHO) and in looking down i could see the stains left from fallen leaves. The previous night we had quite a downpour of rain and in the morning the heat had dried up the remnants but left behind the signs of what had been here before.

This got me thinking about not just shadows but what shadows are? They are what physical objects leave behind in the world, fleeting  projections of us on the an ever changing world.;  For me these are the shadows of leaves now gone temporarily imprinted onto the pavement.

Let Me Know Your Thoughts, I Know You Have Some

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