Made You Smile Today

Yesterday in my school was teachers day. Teachers day this year actually fell on last sunday and it seems that most schools this year chose a day that was good for them to celebrate.

On teachers day from what i understand two things happen; one is that the first class of primary school and middle school make a promise that they will be good and work hard. The second is that students bring flowers into school to give to their teachers (usually the ones they like).

On this day I always feel very happy and grateful, because it is a real show from the students that they appreciate the hard work put in throughout the year.

One bunch of flowers I thought were particularly nice and I planned on photographing them. I cleared a space put up my backdrop and was just about to start composing some shots when Kryton the cat decided they were a toy. I grabbed the camera and took the shots anyway. This is nice still life that became an even better portrait of my cat.

This made me smile today.


A man on a bus carry bunches of flowers does get some strange looks.

3 thoughts on “Made You Smile Today

    • Cats an an interesting animal that is for sure. Kryton is only 5 months old and he likes to play with plants and flowers alot.

      Thanks for the comment and sharing the link.

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