Turning to the Dark Side

I wrote in the summer about Motography and Instagram and even the Pilgrammers and finally about the possible conflict between Motography and Photojournalism.

If you have been following my Facebook page for Aperture64 you may have seen some strange occurrences of Instagram links to images.

I have decided that I would give it a go to try and understand the process of the image creation process. I want to understand the reason why this has become so popular but I do also get the feel that I may be coming in just as it has peaked.

Setting up the account and downloading the app was quite easy and straight forward. My name had not been taken and it was a few fields later and I had an account.

Taking the picture was also straight forward using the camera on my phone but also you can take pictures without Instagram on your phone and then process them through Instagram. The one thing I didn’t really think about is that you have to crop the image from the full frame. I will have to take pictures thinking about my composition and the square format that it will be cropped to.

The settings I found mediocre but interesting but I have only the basic adjustments.

I do feel like I have stepped over to the dark side. Though I think in doing this I will come to understand the use and possibilities of using this new technology to create images. Though I know I won’t stop using my normal kit.





I hope you will enjoy the images that I create and I will be sharing them with you here on the Aperture64 blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you think it was a good idea for me to go over to the dark side as I put it or do you use Instagram and how have you found it?

Please use the comment box below to let me know.

One thought on “Turning to the Dark Side

  1. Better the devil you know… I use my phone quite a bit now that I finally have it (mainly because it’s there and I take pics of things for future reference that I may not see again) but don’t do Instagram (I leave that for the young Miss Z) – there is still nothing like a “regular” camera…

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