Round here we always get up late.

I first want to apologize with the dramatic shift in content output in the last week or so. I have been working hard with lots of projects plus my normal teaching work and have not had time to post anything. But as we come to Christmas this will change as I start to gear down. I will over the holidays re-manage my time so my blog gets more of the love and care it deserves. I would like to thank those who have been popping in on the Blog and commenting I greatly appreciate it.



Remember the dinosaurs!

5 thoughts on “Round here we always get up late.

    • I have no idea. it was a nice piece of graffiti at the tram stop. There was also another nice one about smiling. but it makes you think and that is what i liked about it.

    • September is when the school year starts but i don’t really get into full swing until mid-October teaching. I also have the photography and then the blogging and finally life and it seems to have all caught up with me. I think I have found a solution though.

      In my city i love the graffiti because it can be placed into two camps; hooligan football support and intriguing art. This is one of the latter and it really got me thinking when waiting for my tram.

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