Liebster Award

I will start this blog entry first by  thanking Ideflex for her nomination of Aperture64 for the Liebster blog award. It is very much appreciated and I will try to keep up to the blogging standard.

As part of the nomination I must answer 11 questions so here we go.

  1. What is the first toy you remember? The first toy I remember is a McDonalds Happy Meal Toy that my father bought by linguistically mistaking a happy meal for a bigmac while working in Spain. It was a carton of fries that transformed into a person.
  2. What is your favourite animal? phoenix. A animal that carries great power and at the point where it dies it has a rebirth.
  3. Sweet or savoury? prefer savoury food over sweet but I prefer sweet over sour.
  4. What is your favourite item of clothing? the moment it is my Van trainers but my favourite piece of clothing ever was a cardigan that I wore from age 10 till I was 19. I stretched it.
  5. If you could have any car (without having to pay for it, the gas, insurance, etc…) what would it be? 126 aka bob
  6. Name one of your favourite books? Skelter: the true story of the Manson murders. Written by the public prosecutor who prosecuted Charles Manson and the family. The story follows the investigation from the first murder to Mansons sentence. It is interesting to see how police working oppersite each other won’t talk to each other because interdepartmental problems and how one man through drugs and cheap psychology took control over so many people. I try to read this book once a year, but my copy is looking a bit sad now, will have to see if I can get it on my kindle.
  7. Where is your favourite museum?
     Not sure I have a favourite museum; I like national history and science museums but I don’t really have a particular favourite one. I have been wanting to go to the Bauhaus museum in Berlin for a long time though last time I was there it had to be skipped for group harmony reasons.
  8. Who is your favourite artist? Mapplethrope
  9. What is the song you have played the most this week?

    Ho Hey by The Lumineers
  10. If you could time-travel, what year would you visit (and yes, you do have a return flight)?
    I an not sure what year I would travel too but definitely a year in Victorian England. This was such an amazing time right in the middle of the British industrial revolution.
  11. Would you travel into outer space? Yes I would. Where would I go? This is another question.

11 things about me

  1. I once had a skirt made out of a pair of jeans. Really comfy.
  2. Died my hair blue which turned into a toxic green.
  3. Named my cat Kryton after a robot, after vowing for many years that i would never have a cat.
  4. Can’t eat dairy but love it and will take the ill health for a fantastic Ice Cream.
  5. Read about a book a week (depending on length).
  6. I am Dyslexic.
  7. I can speak pigeon Polish.
  8. Originally went to college determined to be an archaeologist can out a photography student going to University.
  9. Love romantic comedies.
  10. Physically can’t stand 10 years younger.
  11. Become addicted to things easily.

11 questions for my nominees 

  1. The last book you read?
  2. Favourite photographer?
  3. Favourite picture?
  4. Most used app/function on your phone?
  5. Last good film you watched?
  6. Last bad film you watched?
  7. If a tree fell in a wood and no one was there, would it make a sound?
  8. If you could take a pill to stop ageing, would you do it?
  9. What is the tallest mountain in the world (it’s not what you think)?
  10. What is the largest living thing in the world?
  11. Three witches, watch three watches, which witch watches which watch?

On to my nominations

  1. Time of your life, huh kid 
  2. Neverphoto
  3. All Downhill From Here
  4. Emu’s Upcycled Gifts
  5. I am

The rules for the Liebster Award

  • Include a link back to the blogger who gave you this award
  • Grab the badge above and post the award to your blog
  • Post 11 things about yourself
  • Answer the questions below asked of you plus create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer 
  • Nominate 11 people that you think deserve the award and link them to your post (see below)
    The rules here say to nominate 11 people but in some research on the award I found the origins of the award only had the stipulations to nominate 5 blogs which I find more realistic than 11.
  • Go to their pages and tell them they have been chosen – please “pay it forward, don’t pay it back”


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. This was such a nice, pleasant break this rainy dull afternoon – you’ve got some great answers, love that you accompanied it with pix and narrowed it down to 5 nominees. Will,definitely have a look at them. Thanks for participating!

    • um, i think i wrote the answers to the questions in about 10 mins and then had to source some of the photos and write my questions which possibly took another 30 mins. Putting it into WordPress was the longest part but i would say about and hour.

      I know it seems long but i double check everything and I am OCD about formatting.

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