Christmas Tree

Just a quick post. I woke up quite early today and after being informed about how the world was built by aliens (Thank you History Channel). I decided to boot up the machine and have a play.

I like to play in Photoshop and Illustrator quite often. I feel that playing in Photoshop or Illustrator the two main graphic programs I use is like an athlete training. We all need to keep are skills from becoming rusty.

I started by playing with 3D shapes and creating a texture for them. From there it just grew until finally i had a light bulb moment. This moment was joined by a cup of coffee.


Once I created my first 3D sphere, I player around with duplicating the layers and changing colours. I used  a custom shape of a Christmas tree as a guide to the shape. I then created some lighting details and the snow to be layered over the baul bauls. I then added the decorations in the back using more custom shapes. Work time was around 2 hours and 30 minutes minus the break near the end to go Christmas shopping.

What do you think? Let me know, be it positive or negative using the comments box below.

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