Culture shock; Christmas Cemetery

This is my forth year living in Poland and my forth Christmas. All saints day is something i have come to understand and can see the healthy benefits to the festival. Travel in one day and pay your respects to friends and relatives.

This year was the first year i was invited to go to the cemetery at Christmas.

First i thought nothing of it. Ok we go to the cemetery and light candles. This is normal behavior when visiting a grave. But i didn’t know we also go and decorate the graves; clearing dead flowers from all saints day and place new decorations (not like a tree) on the grave.

For me it was a little bit of a culture shock because i had never had this as part of my Christmas activity list. In fact it actually makes sense. Christmas is the time we can spend with our family and celebrate a religious festival or celebrate the end of a year. Why not also add remembering of those who are no longer with us.

I took a few pictures while here. Since i am away from the apartment i used Instagram as a way to share these images. All are motography images taken using Camera 360 then processed with Instagram using Inkwell preset.











Let me know what you think? or anything else using the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Culture shock; Christmas Cemetery

  1. You’ve always got something interesting! Even the dead deserve a little festivity, I suppose – the one that really struck a chord is the mound of dead flowers and lamps; they do that here too and I always felt it was a bit sacrilegious, not to say wasteful also, that all the flowers people had spent so much time and effort in choosing wound up in a dumpster a day after the funeral. There should be some other way to dispose or reuse them… Happy holidays, nonetheless!

  2. As you’ve shown here, it’s worthwhile exploring the more mundane for opportunity.
    I find the last image a little uncomfortable because of the dark line of the road, it has a slight optical illusion effect, making the horizon feel tilted.

    • There is a little bit of a optical illusion there. Converging straight lines, for me it makes it seem that the horizon shifts as i look at the image.

      I have a similar effect with some shelves in my lounge. The wall does not run at 90 degree angle to the corner so with shelves spaced evenly apart and level on the wall at certain angles it can seem that they are a skew.

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