Welcome to 2013

 Well the blog had a bit of a hiatus after Christmas. Now lives are back on track after the festive disruptions I thought I would make some resolutions for Aperture64 which will mean more regular content.

I have decided the blog will have daily theme with each day having a general topic or idea for the post.

Monday will be a news/features day with my usual opinionated views.

Tuesday will be a Vblog entry with a YouTube video. This will usually be a video showing an editing technique.

Wednesday will be an artist showcase, old or new hands will be showcased.

Thursday will be a longer post normally relating to theory or practical aspects of photography

Friday will stay an editing day.

Saturday and Sundays will be more sparsely posted days but there will be some goodies.

If there is ever anything you want me to make a post about you can always contact me via my Facebook page (Aperture64)or by twitter @aperture64.


Because i was ill I was not able to get out and take any pictures of fireworks so I created this picture instead.

If you have any comments positive or negative, please use the comment box below.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to 2013

  1. Would love to know your thoughts on IP – mainly the whole debate on watermarks versus metadata as concerns copyright for photographs… Should be good for a few paragraphs!

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