Project Idea; Commuting

Last night I had one of those light bulb moments  or more accurately the light bulb glowed bright.

2013-01-08 20.20.43_Lucas_SubtleI have been having the idea of a project about commuting  the pictures would be taken on my many commutes around the city. I don’t drive so I must take the trams and buses everywhere. Last night I was stuck at a tram stop waiting for my tram as fresh snow was falling. Being a little board I took out my camera and started snapping pictures. All where taken from the “hip” with the subjects caught unaware as to the pictures being taken. The first images I quickly processed with an app on my phone. I kept the images black and white because it worked well with the snow and the dark of the night. When I got onto the tram I continued shooting but this time processed the images using saturated colours and strong contrasted tones. This for me worked well in the moment because it represented how it felt from going from the cold to a slightly warmer tram.

2013-01-08 19.59.50_Lucas_Subtle_Cleancamera_Anne_Redrum_Pint

Normally I wouldn’t mix colour and black and white quite like this but I think it works. One thing I am not sure about is the cropping. Do I keep with the square cropped format or should I move forward and use the full frame format. I want to go full frame but the cropping does feel good.

I think with such a project I would need to be strict about how the images are handled and processed. I would want to say these are the options to be used just as if there was one kind of film in my camera. I think it would be fun if I continued shooting on my mobile. It has a great advantage because the pictures will be more spontaneous and can be taken at any time. The pictures can be shot from the hip with people being caught in the moment. I think with a bigger more obvious camera this would alert people and there stance and body language will change. A disadvantage  to using a mobile will be the possible print size and image quality. These pros and cons will need to be weighed up.
2013-01-08 20.30.33_Anne_Orange

Although I am not sure about mixing both colour and black and white together in a project, it may work if the colour images are only from the inside of the tram or bus and black and white are taken on the outside.


At the moment these are just ideas.

I would like to hear what you think about the project be it positive or negative. Please use the comment box below.

3 thoughts on “Project Idea; Commuting

  1. Colour and BW are two different birds and thematically, gives a nice separation – for this particular set I’d have to say I’m partial to the colour ones especial your lead-in and the smiling babcia with the graffiti in the background. Love the grungy, hot coloration with a bit of fade-out in the corners – that’s exactly what an end of the day commute feels like!

    • I have always kept black and white separate from colour, except for weddings. I agree that in those images i posted, the black and white/colour divide work well. I am going to continue for a few weeks with this idea and then see what i have then.

      The colours of in the tram images are perfect and I was really happy with them at the time. My question is, will they be as intense when pictures are taken in the day and not at night? We will see.

      Thanks for your input.

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