I have had this Orchid for ages and it died after only a few weeks and then I killed it some more. But a green fingered friend of mine told me how to resurrect it. The orchid slowly started growing new buds and finally flowered over the weekend.

I set up my camera in a make shift day light studio and shot away.


Still life set up, camera, flower, tinfoil, flash and window. The back bround is a box painted black inside.

Here is my Vblog showing how i created the final image.

Here is my final image.


Let me know what you think?
To create this video I used free version of a software called VideoVelocity so it is not HD quality but for YouTube i think it will work (for the time being). It is a time lapse video with me commentating over the top, so a lot different from my earlier Vblogs. Can you tell me if you like this style? If you do I will buy the license for the time lapse part of the software. The software is quite cheap.
Finally if there is anything you would like to see or know more about you can use the comment box below and leave me a quick message.

2 thoughts on “Orchid

  1. what a gorgeous Orchid…I checked out your Vblog and I have to say I love the Orchid in full colour as well…as for the Vblog, enjoyed it but didn’t see any of your earlier ones to compare with! this was easy to follow…if that helps

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