A Hat-Trick of Emotions

Today I feel like I have got part of my photographic spirit back after a lull. The lull is something I have had for a long time, the tide started to turn in the summer when i started this blog and started teaching. A lot of things changed in my life at this time, I will not talk about them now. This time before the summer still tastes bitter in my mouth.

This week I have had the feeling I used to get back in the darkroom developing prints. A tingling sensation in my arms and slight palpitations in my heart and this ache in my legs that made me want to run around and show off an image.

The first image i had this with this week was my Orchid. It is such a beautiful image with a flowing detail from shadows to highlights. The Orchid Image is something that i want to replicate again and got me thinking about doing more still life work.orchid

The second image was of my cat. I know that in 1000 years when the apocalypse has passed and archaeologists are looking at what their ancestorsworshiped they will think cats if they ever find the internet database (just like we believe the Egyptians worship cats from their hieroglyphs).


I was really excited by this picture. Kryton (or spidercat) sat patiently while I photographed him on my phone and then edited him before posting a cropped version on Instagram. I was excited. The image is a mobile image but his face expression added by the editing process adding the red filter and then the old effect gave the image something reminiscent of a portrait of a king.

The third image was this afternoon when i was preparing an image for my normal Friday editing blog post. I was working with an idea, double exposure.  I went back to my discarded images and found two and started working on them. In the process I got taken over by the work and the image creating a photograph so proud of.


The photograph  is a HDR double exposure with a Faux “Pin Hole” “Lomo” effect. The image is so intriguing to me, the way the double exposure has worked so subtly on the fast moving water and yet with the blurring of the digital effect makes the mind wonder what is further behind this layer. The colors are so rich but not over saturated but contrasted enough. My mouth waters looking at it.

These are the reasons I love photography and one is it makes me feel good. The feeling is something I have been missing for many years, although there have been good images I have not felt this rush in me. This complete and utter urge; to do more, make more, and be better, instead of feeling this is something I must do because I love it. It is a feeling of  something I want to do because I love it. I am not sure what else i have to say.

Please enjoy these images as much as I have in making them.

9 thoughts on “A Hat-Trick of Emotions

  1. so happy to hear you have your urge back…it is such a sad thing when it leaves, for what ever reason! It would be such a waste to of your talent for you not to do this work…

  2. Welcome back as well – the Spidercat image is nicely processed. I really like the look of it. I haven’t used Instagram since I got the Snapseed app by Nik Software but this picture has me thinking I may need to give it another try.

    • I actually processed the image of Kryton in Pixel-o-Matic and then shared through Instagram. I don’t find the Instgram filters at all creative so i normally process my image in another app first. I have never used Snapseed maybe i will have to try it.

      • Snapseed is fantastic and FREE now (I think I paid $5 for it before Google acquired Nik Software). I don’t like the Instagram filters either. I did download Pixel-o-Matic at one point but didn’t play with it much. I like that effect though.

      • Snapseed is free in the Google play store now. I think we the filter apps i have played with it is quite easy to go overboard but with a gentle finger you can make some quite impressive edits.

  3. The orchid is brilliant but I’d like to see a little more room around it. To me it seems too tight to the frame. Inspiration comes and goes. We all have fallow times. Glad you are re-inspired!

    • Thank you Andrew, i do have more from the orchid session and will be making more I quite like it as a subject and will take your comments into consideration.

      It wasn’t really my inspiration that had gone but my passion, but i am glad to have it back.

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