Evolution of an Instagrammer

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I was playing with Photoscape as I am researching the program for a future post. I thought this part of the program would be good to share in a very abstract way how my mobile photography has evolved since using Instagram. This relates in part to my post yesterday.

For me Instagram has changed how I share my photography sometimes I am taking images that I never took on my phone but created in my computer and sharing them through the app.

Another strange thing is I do not like editing my pictures in Instagram but editing them in other apps like Pixel-o-Matic. For me the Instgram filters are just not that interesting and with other apps there are more creative possible s and more interesting image can be made of cup of coffee.

It is interesting how these apps can be moulded to fit your workflow and to be used to benefit you but maybe not in the way that the creator of the app thought it would be used.

I hope you enjoy the images.

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4 thoughts on “Evolution of an Instagrammer

  1. I wanted to let you know after I saw this post I took a closer look at PhotoScape…page and combined, in particular and made a collage…not as great as yours but I managed just fine!

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