Green Baul Bauls

I have really been enjoying still life at the moment so I created another image. I was looking at a decoration in my house that is made from those Ikea twig things and though that with the Baul Bauls on it, the whole thing looks like a Baul Baul tree.

Here is my video where i talk about the image and the creative process in Photoshop.

baul-baulAnd this is the final image.

I really like the image with this florescent Green which is saturated and grabs your attention. I also like the use of the lighting effects isolation the image and improving the composition. I took on board Andrews comments last week with the image Orchid being tightly cropped and used a looser crop on this image.

Tell me what your opinion is positive, negative and/or constructive.

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3 thoughts on “Green Baul Bauls

  1. I like it very much, the green is a favourite of mine right now…don’t know what the Ikea twig thing is but these balls are very pretty against the black background.

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