More Bauls


This is another image from my still life shoot last week the previous image i posted can be found here.

I processed it a little differently to last time. This time processed the whole image in Camera Raw but used a faded effect in Photoshop and cleaned up the image with a new layer and a mixture of the clone and heal tool. The green is still really vibrant and nice.
This image was taken before the one I posted last week and the clear Baul Baul is great and you can see details in the reflection including my reflector, me and my book shelf. I like the refection but at the same time i don’t, because I had my computer screen on and this is an added detail that i find distracting. In the image i posted last week I had turned the monitor off.

I think it is a good image not perfect but I like it.

What are your opinions let me know either positive or negative in the comment box below.

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