One thought on “Restaurant Shows Metadata of Stock Images at a Portfolio Review

  1. I suspect that restaurants in HK would be amazed if their patrons didn’t photograph the food (fast food chains excepted). It is almost mandatory. I am sure there would be uproar if the restauranteurs tried to stop it. Now whether it is ok to use flash or not is another issue. I do find it distracting when the couple next to us start to blitz everything that reaches the table but even the very best restaurants seem to tolerate it. More often though the flash shots seem to be reserved for people to be able to show off to their friends that they were in the Mandarin Grill or Caprice. I admire the chef who invites the clientele into his kitchen. Somehow though I doubt if an iPhone portfolio of food shots is going to get into the NY Times portfolio top 150 🙂

    Do people really take a DSLR with them?????

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