I opened up my still life imagination again shot  a hyacinth. This plant may become a series of images as I slowly capture the transformation  from budding plant to wilting flower.
When I was shooting the Hyacinth only one flower had bloomed so i kept my focus on it.

Here is my Vblog talking about the editing. It is only from Photoshop as i did most of the toning in Camera Raw.

Here is the image


This is another image that keeps giving me a tingling feeling. I love how the large aperture drops everything out of focus except the pollen inside and how the brightness radiates out of the flower.
Compared to the two other pieces of still life I created recently this one sits in the middle colour wise. The Orchid black and white with a cyanotype toning and the Baul Bauls  an ultra vivid and saturated shot. This Hyacinth I feel is more subtle with the pastel colours of the buds contrasted with the punchy saturation in the purple flower.

I would really appreciate feed back on this image, do you like it? yes/no and why? Please use the comment section below to let your voice be heard.


6 thoughts on “Hyacinth

    • I see what you mean, it does breakup the blurred shapes of the buds. The soft focus was one of those light bulb moments. I wish i still had access to a 5×4 camera because.i miss reviewing a shot and seeing the depth of field.

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