This morning with the dawn light starting to pierce the sky and glowing through my kitchen window. I was rushing to feed the cat and make my breakfast while brewing my cup of Joe  Through my peripheral vision a peeled Pomelo caught my attention. It had been peeled the night before my my wife and left on the side ready to be eaten.

Pomelo is a really nice fruit, it has the sweetness of a grapefruit without the bitterness. It is a fruit from South East Asia, commonly eaten as a dessert dipped in a salt mixture also it is eaten in salads sometimes with yoghurt.


Instagram screen shot of the Pomelo in Adobe Bridge

I placed the Pomelo on the table resting on a sheet of black card with a large piece of black card behind as a backdrop. I had the setup facing the window. Using a small tripod on the table I extend the lens of my camera. I did this so as to force a smaller depth of field  Using longer focal distance shortens the depth of field. I only wanted the fruit in focus. From here I shot the fruit +/-1 stop as well as a base exposure. I focused manually so I was able to keep shooting with out the focus changing.

Processed the image in Adobe Camera Raw and then imported the image to Photoshop for localised toning .


I had another chimpanzee moment photographing this fruit. I really like this particular composition as it was just how I saw the Pomelo this morning. I love the colour of the Pomelo meat with it being just saturated enough to contrast against the white flesh but not over saturated as to look garish. Within the flesh tones these is a subtle contrast again giving the fruit shape. Even the foreground has some depth with a lighter grey tone from the light reflecting on the card.

I would appreciate feed back on this image. If you have a positive or negative comment please let me know using the comment box below.

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10 thoughts on “Pomelo

  1. Confess that I’m not familiar with this fruit, its color etc. However the shot immediately catches the eye – I particularly liked the subtle emphasis on the natural textures of the fruit.

    • Thank you Sanjay, it can be so easy to use saturation and contrast to catch peoples eye but I felt a subtleness as you pointed out works better. I wanted the fruit to speak for itself with some help from my camera.

      You should try Pomelo if you ever find it in the shops. I is packed full of Vitamin C great to eat during the flu season.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. definitly caught my attention, but then I find contrasts very appealing! never heard of this fruit before? looks much like an orange or grapefruit but paler…

    • Ideflex, one of the hardest things with this fruit is that it is dry but not overly dry. I was a little world it would look dry as it had been peeled the day before. In the end it all worked out.

      I am glad there is another Pomelo lover out there.

      • For me that is such a great part of the contrast between the just dry enough pith and the juiciness of the fruit wedge itself! Not an easy thing to capture without the whole thing looking uniform…

  3. This definitely works for me – a beautifully balanced image, clean, simple and good impact. We have pomelos here too. It is rumoured they are good at keeping the digestive system moving !

    • Andrew I had a feeling they would have Pomelos in HK. I am no experience with the fruit improve the digestive system but since they are packed with vitamin C I could well believe it.

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