Cleaning A Lemon

Well there is one rule I am firm believer in when it comes to photography  Get it right in the camera first. Oh it sounds simple but there are a lot of people who believe,
“that can be photoshopped!”
I am not one of them.

So, I took (in my opinion) a lovely picture of a lemon. When editing in Camera raw I saw to my horror some lovely hairs on the lemon.
How did they get there, you will need to watch the Vblog below to find out.


What do you think of the image? Please let me know using the comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning A Lemon

  1. Seems like everyone’s sick… In my house it’s dust, dog hair and random crumbs…. makes me nuts. I saw some really cool “portable” studios at a camera store in San Francisco (not that that’s any help) but I’m sure they have them online – they fold up into a carry-box, not that expensive either! Lemon looks great.

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