Two For One, Lemons

When shooting the lemons I created a few compositions. When arranging the lemons I remembered an image that was that wad a high contrast black and white image. I don’t remember the artist/photographer but the image stuck in head.

To created this image i first needed two lemons to balance on top of each other. Gravity is a heartless ________, and the lemon kept rolling or sliding off the top. To fix those problem I used a tooth pick to balance the lemons.

The image was edited and converted to black and white in Adobe Camera Raw. In Photoshop i used a colour balance adjustment layer to add colour to the image. When adding the colour, I was trying to give it the yellow of a lemon but also a feel of a faded image.

What do you think of the image? Let me know using the comment box below.

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6 thoughts on “Two For One, Lemons

  1. Did you need to go through the B&W conversion process? Could you get a similar impact by de saturating and adjusting the tint in LR? It’s an interesting effect.

    • I could have done it the way you describe and in fact I did try it in Adobe Camera Raw except the results were not quite what i wanted. In camera raw you have to use split toning . The effect was ok but not what I wanted. That is why i used colour balance in Photoshop. For me colour balance can give you more control.

      You are right Andrew that if I could have coloured in ACR I would have done, because one less step saves time.

  2. contrasts are good…I think you accomplished what you set out to …the colour of the lemons comes through but faded…so let me get this right, you converted the image to black & white then added the colour back in? nicely done…at least to my eyes…

    • You have got it right 100%, creating a black and white image and then adding the colour. By doing this you control the colour more. This is the same method for creating sepia images.

      I used it in this instance for a specific shade of yellow that looks slightly faded that i remember from my mums Delia Smiths cookery books.

      • can this kind of thing be done in PhotoScape, or is it not sophisticated enough? I’m enjoying PhotoScape, but sometimes it doesn’t allow me to go as far as I’ like to. It does have a sepia button but it isn’t something that can be adjusted…the sepia look appeals to me but I’d like it deeper/darker at times…

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