Editing Friday (on Saturday); White Pepper

Friday is Friday and editing is editing and today is Saturday.

This week I am editing a pepper. Not a chilli pepper just a regular red pepper. I am editing Adobe Camera Raw and will be making a black and white conversion in Adobe Camera Raw. Untitled1

I started with an image which was taken one stop down from the 0 exposure. The reason I choose to use a stop downed image is that the 0 exposure had lost a lot of detail in the highlights. The image was shot with a single light source and focused on the stork of the pepper letting the focus drop off as the image fades to the background.


First I made the main tonal adjustments to the image. I was not worried at this point about the pepper being to dark because in the black and white conversion I can adjust the shades of red independently  At this point I was mostly concerned with not clipping either the highlights or the shadows.


Next I cleaned up the noise first by adjusting the colour noise slider and then the luminance noise.


I then corrected image distortion caused by the camera. I used the camera profile given by ACR to make the adjustments and then selected to defringe all edges.


The next step I took was converting the image to black and white. I first concentrated on the tones of the pepper. I moved the red colour to a lighter tone along with orange and yellow. I did all this to lighten the pepper to give it an appearance of being white.

Untitled6I moved down to the other colours; blue and aquas had to be lowered because these tones existed in the background. I also lowered the purples slightly and raised the magentas because it is linked to the reds and oranges.


With the pepper now toned I used the curves to lighten it more as well as darkening the background using the strong contrast preset.


My final step was to export the image to Photoshop, I reduced the noise some more using noise ninja and sharpened the image. Lastly I adjusted the curves again to add some highlight and shadow detail to the image.


I really like the final image, it is an interesting interpretation of a red pepper. I like the toning and it is a great example of the flexibility of Adobe Camera Raw. I also think the lighting of image is better as you have more details in the highlights . Although the bottom right of the pepper does fade into the black of the foreground and background it works with the soft focus of the image.

Please let me know what you think of the Image using the comment box below.

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One thought on “Editing Friday (on Saturday); White Pepper

  1. I like this a lot. The profile tools in ACR and LR4 are very powerful and well worth experimenting with. The colour adjustments have been very effective. I often use a B&W layer on my colour images, switch to luminosity blend and then tweaking the colour sliders. It can give good results. I think the message is to be ready to explore. Even a simple pepper can produce very pleasing results.

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