This week I have been looking at digital noise, and ways to reduce it. On this weeks Vlog I took one of the images I have been using to illustrate noise and the effects of different noise reduction techniques.


The image was taken 3 years ago when i was visiting Krakow for New Year. I had been to Krakow before this in the summer time and thought it would be nice to see the city at night. The photo was taken in one of the side streets quite close the the Wawel but I cant remember where. I think the reason i took the image was because of the faded pattern on the wall as well as people using the empty windows to advertise a New Year party.

How did I transform this image? What has this got to do with noise? Well you will have to watch the video below.

The Final Image


After I finished recording I really didn’t like the image and wasn’t sure where to go. In the end I dodged and burned the image to bring out those details i liked. I also lowered the saturation and raised the vibrance that created this have monotone have colour effect. Finally I added a vignette in the Lens correction adjustment in the smart object.

The final version is great and I have no idea why I waited 3 years to edit this picture, maybe it is true that good things come to those who wait.

How do you limit or reduce noise in HDR images? Do you find it an issue or does it add something to the image? Or do you have a general comment. Let me know using the comment box below.

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