Krakow Gate (what happened after the the workflow)

This morning I shared a workflow for reducing noise, using multiple exposures stacked in a smart object. 

After i had finished with the image in Photoshop I wanted to work on it a bit more. It is a nice image after all.


I opened Alien Skin Exposure 4, which i use for toning my images when i am wanting a certain film stock feel.

For this image I was inspired by an article I had read recently about Lomography selling a film similar Aerochrome. I cycled through to the preset and really liked  the colours.


The toning is not exactly Aerochrome but it does have a nice feel to it The filter has enhanced the morning glow in the sky while the added contrast setting really makes the city gate stand out. For me there was still something missing. It seemed to me that the image is great in the centre but gets lost as you go out to the edges. I went back into Exposure and added a boarder.

Krakow-city-gateIn Exposure 4 there are quite a few boarders to choose from and I thought this one would really work. It is a sloppy boarder but is reinforced with the solid black right on the edge. The boarder acts as a compositional point of interest but is not so interesting that it detracts from the rest of the image.

Do you like it? As usual let me know using the comment section below.

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