I have been looking at the images in my overflow to share from my oldest shoots this month and I thought instead of sharing one image at a time I will share them all together. They are all the end of the hyacinth series and I hope You guys like them.


First up is Hyacinth III, this image was take just as the plant was dying and you have a nice gradient of tones as well as life. The bottom of the plant is quite alive slowly moving up the the areas that are visibly dead. I like how the image moves from the purple/blue all the way to an orange/blue at the top.


Hyacinth IV, a nice close up shot of the flowers showing the details in the stem especially.  The dark tone of green works nicely contrasted against the black background and then against the blue and orange of the flowers. The flowers are drying up but there is still a life in the colour and texture.
hyacinth-VISoft focus on the inside of the flower is a echo of the first Hyacinth image I made. I like the muted colours that can be seen in the blur of the image just as the flower pops into focus . The pink and blue work well together in the flower . I like the fact that the light comes in strong from the left hand side of the image creating dramatic contrast just at the focal point of the image.

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