Experimenting with Color Efex

I was recently reading some other blogs about work flow and a few of them were talking about Nik Softs Color Efex. I do use HDR Efex so i did know it existed but I have been using Alien skin for so long and have been happy. From reading the workflows I noticed there may be more under the hood of Color Efex.

IMG_9288This is the start image that i had edited in Adobe Camera Raw. The image was taken with the help of the cat. The cat decided that it was more fun taking part of the in the photographic process than watching (Well he is right). I had pressed the shutter and he jumped on the table and moved the flower.

Personally I didn’t like the original composition that i shot afterward and this image stood out because of the mixture of movement in the blur and the stillness of the rose.

I like the colours in the image and the lighting.

What did I want out of Color Efex?

I wanted a way to tone the image without making the image seem to Photoshopped.


In Color Efex I was just playing with the different settings. From the beginning you are inundated with filter options. I think I will have to find a path through the filters because it can be quite easy to over do an image. With this particular image I wanted to add to the contrast without sacrificing the details  In adding contrast you can kill midotne details  Using control points you can protect areas from being over edited or making the edit to selective areas. I also wanted to give the red of the rose some saturated depth but also add a twist to the image.

For me the final image has a mix of straight and cross processed colours. The blur has a crossed process feel while the static rose has the more natural processing colours.

I will have to continue playing with this, it looks like an interesting direction to take my workflow.

What are you feelings about the final image? Have you ever used Color Efex? Let me Know using the comments section below.

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