Inside a Tulip (more experiments)

I have been continuing my experimentation with Color Efex. Today I went a bit further wanting to tone a whole image through the plugin. I experimented with an image that I processed through HDR Efex. Using HDR Efex you are able to make subtle color adjustments but only in relation to contrast, and colour temperature.

I processed the image as I would any normal HDR. I wanted to create a bright saturated image that would pull your eye in through the brightness in the centre that is strongly contrasted against a darker tone on the outside. I wanted the colours to have a natural surrealism.


I used dynamic contrast, cross processing with levels and curves.

The image looks nice the only difference I would make is to lighten the central stem some more.

What do you think? Have you ever used Color Efex, what’s you opinion of the plugin. You can let me know using the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Inside a Tulip (more experiments)

  1. I don’t have Color Efex but I like what I’ve seen. The idea of natural surrealism is interesting! The question is where do we stop (with software). I think you are the exception in using the bulk of the software’s potential. Most of us use a fraction. As a hobbyist I sometimes feel overwhelmed by options and want to go back to basics.

    • I do feel that with software there is a two tier system, one is for “pros” and the other for “consumers”. The problem with this system is that people like yourself, find the “consumer” options to limited for your creative output and then again the “pro” is too much to fast.

      The best advice i can give to anyone is to read the manual or guide, but then this is also filled with jargon that will put people off.

      It would be great if software had inbuilt tutorials where you can actively learn how it works this but this would mean extra development time and cost.

      I have been thinking of doing a “photoshop diet” a back to basics style approach to editing. I am not sure how i would make it work.

      Natural surrealism, is interesting I think i will have to claim the phrase.

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