Vlog; Painting Emporer Kryton.

It was quite a while ago that i had this idea but just have not got round to putting mouse to file.

The idea came from a photo i posted on Instagram way back in January.


The image had be shot on my phone edited in Pixel-o-Matic and shared through Instagram.

I liked the effect and the fact it looks a little bit like a painting and also how regal the cat looks.

My idea was to turn the photo into a painted image using Photoshop, by creating a composite of Kryton the cat and some emperor style clothing.

I used Photoshop  artistic filters and layer masks. Wanna see how? Watch the Vlog below.

Final Image


It definitely is a photoshopped image but it is supposed to be so I don’t feel too bad. The eyes and the nose look nice and sharp as well as his mascara lines. I don’t think the clothing detracts from the image and does add to the emperor concept.
There are a few negatives. I think the high pass sharpening could be softened and he has no whiskers on his right side. It is OK I will add them in before i print the image.

What do you think of the final image, is this something you may use? Let me know using the comment box below along with any other comments.

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