Needing a Shot of the Black Stuff.

I set up a quick shoot on Monday for two ideas using coffee as the theme. Since I would need some coffee as a prop, I thought I would photograph the Espresso Kettle as well.


I converted the image to black and white in Adobe Camera Raw with local contrast adjustments made in Photoshop as well as image sharpening and noise reduction.

I was originally planning on shooting the image with a white background. I was afraid that with the white background that the highlights would be blown and the contrast creating the details in the metal would be lost. The risk with the black background was having the whole image being lost in the shadows.

I think the final image has worked well with the black, and there is a nice variety of details and tones on the different metal faces.

What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Needing a Shot of the Black Stuff.

  1. My cappuccino was watery first thing this morning so I will pitch it and make another in your honour – like the black background, white could have looked a bit retail and this way the details come out nicely as you predicted!

    • I hope your second cup was better than the first. In reality i should have shot the kettle with both white and black backgrounds and the choose the stronger image but i was pushed for time and let my experience take over.

  2. such a simple shot, but very effective…I like the black background…I don’t think the white background would allow for the sharp edges of the pot the way the black does…nicely done!

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