…and then I will have to let you go.

I have two images that I am currently working on from my coffee shoot at the beginning of the week. One of the ideas is a little Photoshop intensive and I am still working on it, the other I want to share with you tomorrow along with the workflow as it will be quite fun for anyone to try over the weekend.

Today I decided to share my second to last image from the flowers I was shooting at the end of February.

I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted this image to be a HDR or not. I thought with the texture of the petal that HDR may help the shot but in the end I developed it from a single image.


The single image I used was the -2ev, because it had the most highlight detail. In Adobe Camera Raw i recovered some of the high end highlight detail as well as some midtones as well. I set the black point adjusted the clarity and balanced the contrast. I next cleaned the image and exported to Photoshop. In Photoshop I used Colour Efex for the toning and sharpened the image as well as burnt in the edges of the petal.

The image is really great in my opinion. I like the use of the negative space. I did consider cropping the image closer but it just didn’t work. This for me is an image that i could imagine seeing on the wall of a coffee shop.

But hey it matters more (to me) what you think, so let me know using the comments section below.

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I had no idea for the title for this post so i searched on YouTube  petal song and found the song here.

6 thoughts on “…and then I will have to let you go.

  1. Cropping it would have just made everything too tight – like the use of negative space in the bottom right corner as it adds to the feeling of suspension – gorgeous colour and detail as well – very Irving Penn…

      • seriously…I think there are many of your photos that would go well on coffee shop walls, high end restaurants, on people’s walls…so yes…make a project of any of these things!

      • Thank you Heather, it is words like these that make me realise that i am not working towards nothing and there is a chance to take my photography somewhere.

  2. we often hold ourselves back from greater achievements by our self doubt…myself included! as the old saying goes, we won’t please everyone, we shouldn’t expect to either…but that is alright as long as we push our selves to be the best we can…not always easy, but possible…go for it… 🙂

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