Mother’s Day (UK)

Mother’s day is a celebration honoring mothers, mother hood and maternal bonds. The date of the celebration depends on country to country, but is most commonly celebrated in March, April or May. Although its roots come from many different origins including; the Greek cult of Cybele, Roman festival of Hilaria and the Christian festival of Mothering Sunday, the modern version is an American invention.

Living in Poland our Mothers Day is not until the 26th of May, though with my family living in England I get to praise the mothers on the different sides of my family (my mother and my mother-in-law) at different times.

Another thing about living far from my family is that it is hard to buy gifts and send them home. This is not due to a bad postal system but to the cost. Sometimes it can be up to twice the price of the gift to post it.

This year I came up with an idea that really has been staring me in the face. Why not create a piece of digital art that I then can email. Upon emailing the image I can ring my mother and get her to open the email while on the phone. Afterwards my Mum (Dad) can print the image.

I sat and thought about what would work and came up with this.

mothers-dayThis image has four main components  First is the pattern at the bottom of the image, that I custom made and added the pattern to a paper texture and color layer. Second the colored pattern at the top of the image, I crafted using watercolor brushes and filter with a charcoal brush for the lines. Third is the material flower from a stock library,  isolated with a layer mask. Finally forth the type on ripped texture paper. I added at the end the red tape texture to add an extra feel.

The image is simple and replicates a hand crafted mix media image.

If you are celebrating mothers day to day I hope you have a good day.

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day (UK)

  1. No Mother’s Day here but I like the idea of an e greeting, specially made for your mum. My mother is long since passed on but I don’t think she would ever have dared tackle a computer even though we encouraged her to do so. I am sure your mother will appreciate the thought.

    • My Mum did appreciate it Andrew, I rang her in the morning just after I knew she would wake up so it would be a complete surprise. I think I am lucky that my mum (my dad has always been tech savvy) uses the computer and even my grandmother gives it ago.

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