Zephania Micheal Festo Kanungha, your Mum will need a pot of this, this morning.

I woke to the news that yesterday just 6 minutes shy of being today my second nephew was born at 11.56pm GMT. This was very exciting news and I wanted to share it. I am sure my sister waking up this morning will need a a pot of coffee to wake her up.



I edited this image in Color Efex using the bleach by pass, detail extractor and colourize filters to tone the image.

I like the mixture of the metallic tones and details  in the contrast but as well the subtle colouring especially in the dark brown of the coffee.

What was you morning coffee today, did you have any good news as well this morning? Let me know in the comments box below.

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3 thoughts on “Zephania Micheal Festo Kanungha, your Mum will need a pot of this, this morning.

    • Yeah I didn’t, I made the coffee and then shot it straight away because I didn’t want to loose the steam and really didn’t want to Photoshop it in.
      Also the dirt doe bring out some of the texture in the metal as well, added bonus.

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