Welcome to the World

Yesterday I wrote about having a new member to my family, with the birth of my sisters son Zephania. Since my parents are coming to visit at Easter I decided I would give them Zephania’s present, but i felt bad that he would not have anything until then. Of course I have been given the gift of Photoshop and I decided to use those skills to create a Birth Date Graphic. I remember my parents having such a graphic on an OHP (over head projector) acetate.


The main idea of the image was spelling his name using alphabet blocks. Creating the blocks were the most time consuming part of the image as each letter needed to be individually added to each block.
The pattern in the background started as the Tanzanian flag broken by St. Georges flag, to represent Zephania’s heritage. Once tiled though the pattern took a life of its own. I then changed the hue of the pattern to make it contrast against the blocks. I put the pattern in perspective to the blocks and then added the text.

What are your opinions, would you have liked something like this? Let me know using the comment box below.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the World

  1. It’s unique, it’s colourful and actually quite complex. I think this is something Zephaniah will look back on with a lot of pleasure. You might be able to commercialise this!

    • Andrwe i think he will look back at this pleasure, I didn’t with the one may parents had because it was used quite regularly every year in their church until i was 14.

      As with commercializing it, I would love to, making money and doing something I like is a great mix.

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