Instagram Co-op Bundle

Half of Instagram Users Don’t Use Filters.

Instagram has become known as a hipster’s food, coffee, photojournalist controversy app. The app has met some criticism recently after Facebook bought it and made some changes to the terms of use. Instagram is like Marmite, you either like it or you hate it. With 40 million images uploaded every day and around 8,500 likes per second, there are some out there that do like it.

A recent infograph has shed some interesting light on Instagram users and their behaviour. The most intriguing is that 43% of users don’t use filters at all on their images. Those photos that have had filters applied, the most popular filter is earlybird, being used on 10% of images

With just less than half of instagrammers not using the the Instagram filters means that users must either be, editing images on other apps and uploading them through Instagram or taking their images from their computers and porting them to Instagram. If this is so, Instagram is less a photo editing and sharing app and more of a social network.

New Stock Library Co-op

To say that stock photography has had a rough ride recently would be an understatement. Recent years has shown stock photography bubble is not bursting but shrinking slightly as an over saturation of photographers and libraries are competing with each other. Most recently Getty came under fire after it made a deal with Google. Getty was one of the first agencies to see the advantage of mirco stock services and bought Istock 2006. In turn Getty was bought by the Carlyle group.

Bruce Livingston

Bruce Livingston the original owner of Istock has set up a new image stock library Stocksy. Unlike at Getty where contributors get 20% of the sale price, Stocksy will offer 50% plus at the end of each year a divided on the profits. Livingston has claimed that the current model with prices being driven down, it was time to try a new model.

Stocksy unlike most stock libraries will not be allowing everybody into their ranks. The library is going to be very selective inviting the best they can find. At the moment they have 200 photographers signed up with an aim of 500 at the end of the year.

I love the idea of a co-op and I wish more businesses were organized in such a way making people who work for or contribute to a company are an owner of the company, allowing the workers to help guide the business. The exclusivity contributors may cause a few negative comments but this is a venture to sell the best images.
Where there is a library with thousands of contributors some people will be great and others not so much and the bad work pulls down the price of the better work. In having a smaller pool of photographers means the cost for quality images can be higher because it is a quality library.

I hope this pan out and will be looking forward to seeing if they are still around in a few years.

Google makes a Niksoft Bundle

Recently questions were being asked about what was in store for Niksoft and its plugins after Google (Niksoft’s new owner) removed the sale of the desktop version of Snapseed, Niksoft’s photo editor. Well there is good news for some and reassurances for everyone. Niksoft’s filters include Dfine, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro and Sharpener Pro. All of these filters will be bundled into one package at $149.

This is great discount previously each filter was selling at around the $100. The good news is that if you have bought any one of the plugins in the last 5 years you will be able to download the other filters for free and if you have spent more than $149 on Niksoft plugins since the 22nd of February this year, Google will refund you the difference.

Josh Haftel

Josh Haftel Product manager at Google has said that there will be no other changes to filters except the new all in one installer.

For one, I think this is a good move bundling these filters together. Niksoft is a powerful filter set and now all at the cost of one is a huge saving. Google offering to match the difference and allowing you to download the other filters if you have bought one is a great marketing ploy from Google especially after not being so friendly to photographers recently.

Over To You

What is your favourite Instagrammers or are you one of the 43%?
Do you like the Co-op business idea for a stock library or business as general?
Will you be buying the Niksoft filters or downloading the others that are available to you?

Let me know or any another thoughts in the comment box below.

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One thought on “Instagram Co-op Bundle

  1. I am a hater of instagram, lol. I think it is more of a social networking site than anything else. I can appreciate the idea of communicating with others through imagery. I also wonder, though, if the standards of photography, in general, will suffer because of it. I have heard just recently the suggestion that photography is not an art because anyone can make a photograph, and there is a bombardment of “artistic imagery” on apps like instagram. The photos I saw the most growing up (besides snapshots) were in magazines, which meant they had to at least be of a certain technical quality. Even then, I knew there was a difference between my mom’s photos and the photos in the magazine. But what if I had been raised in the age of instagram, where every generic, cliche, and technically bad photo gets 1,000 likes. Not to say the photos in magazines are always ambitious or original, but at least they hold up technically, for the most part. I think this is one reason why in my own photography I have grown very critical and uptight of technical aspects. I don’t care how great of a shot it is, if it is such a technical mess that it needs major surgery in photoshop, than it goes into the trash. It is simply not good enough. I also wonder if this technical anxiety I feel is also being felt by other photographers as a result of the “age of instagram.” Good thought-provoking post. Got a nice laugh from the charts!

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