Lomo (Not Fooled) Goggles

The first of April is always a day when watching the media or reading anything online we all become cynics (or more cynical than we already have to be). When watching CNN yesterday I was finding it hard to distinguish between what was news and what was an April fools. I gave up in the end and went to photographing beer bottles.

In the photography world my favourite Aprils Fool came from Lomography.

Lomography launched a new product called LOMO GOGGLES. These goggles claimed to allow a wearer to see the world in analogue, removing all the digital distractions from our lives. How do they work? Using innovative technology developed by the Lomography’s dedicated team.

This was a great April fools since it didn’t go to the stupidity to get lives but for the quite subtly meaning it could be real. I loved the way the fool played on the hype around Google glass and the current popularity of Lomo. Mixing the two together was plausible at first glance but on a second take it is obvious it is a joke but a funny.
Kudos Lomography!

Well it is over for another year, back to reality and no more absurd stories for another year.

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