Lion Door Knocker

This image was a real experiment.Usually when converting an image to black and white I have a few different options in Photoshop  Since Niksoft is letting you download all their filters, if you have bought one in the past five years, then I though why not take a look at Niksoft Silver Efex.

To experiment I thought I would use an image that i knew would really take advantage of a black and white process, an iron door knocker on an iron door. I wanted a Low key toning with out flattening the details in the metal.


First in adobe camera raw i made sure the overall exposure and balance of light was right I then imported the image to Photoshop.
In Silver Efex I used the Low key preset and made some adjustments to suit the image. I don’t think there is anything wrong in having or using presets as long as you don’t treat them as one glove fits all.
I made adjustments to the structure but raising it (this brings out the midtone contrast). I reduced the overall contrast and added a slight vignette on the corners.

In Photoshop I dodged and burned areas that i felt need to be lightened and darkened.

What do you think of the image? Have you ever used Silver Efex before? What is your favorite Black and white conversion method? Or if you have another comment please use the comment box below.

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3 thoughts on “Lion Door Knocker

  1. SEP was my ‘go to’ B&W converter for a long time but I have gradually learned to replicate much of what I did in SEP in LR4. I have also grown to like Alien Skin Exposure and its film presets which can be customised. SEP is an excellent piece of software and I either start with a preset or a film type and then work from there, like you customizing further in PS as necessary. Its well worth a try.

    • I am going to continue experimenting, I also like Alien Skin it is very versatile and you can save presets as well. I would love to see Alien Skin mixed with niksoft’s filters because that would be an amazing package.

  2. love the photo Ben but I’m afraid you’ve lost me, as I don’t have Photoshop to work with…I’ll just read and try to absorb …having said that reading your posts is a help in and of itself… 🙂

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