Pews in the Basilica

I am nearing the end of my basilica shots, it was interesting going back there and shooting shots I couldn’t capture before. I feel that it is always important to revisit your locations and subjects.

Firstly when you visit a location or subject for the first time, you will snap everything, in doing so you will miss things that you notice looking back at your pictures.
In looking back you will consider better composition, lighting, and view point. There are some images that are my holy grail. I have been to the location over and over but new quite get the image I want.

Secondly on revisiting a location you see things that you may not have seen before. The first time I went to the Basilica in Częstachowa, I spent a lot of time photographing the alters for the saints, not the main chancel. I remember it was very hard to photograph the main chancel due to it being a very busy day with a lot of people.

Finally, we always miss stuff and as we progress we see new things with our new creativity.


Single image processed in Adobe Camera Raw and then Photoshop.
I liked the way these three pews are underneath the pulpit where the priest gives his talk. There is so much texture in this scene and how this texture gives added depth to colours that normally absorb light. The pews are a dark near black wood but with the way the light is shining down you can pick out the intricate designs carved into the pews.

Do you ever revisit the same location or subject? Do you have a holy grail of an image you are still attempting to capture? Or any other comments let me know in the comments box below.

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