So you Wanna be a Photographer?

I have seen this great Infograph by Fotoseeds asking the question  “So you wanna be a photograher?”


This graphic really did at times remind me of mistakes in decisions that I have made. As with everything we must love what we do, if there is no joy in what you are doing it why are you doing it. Of course there are something sin life I find no joy in like cleaning, but they joy is found in the lack of harassment about cleaning.

For me I did lose the my joy in photography and it was hard to find that joy again.

To find out more about Fotoseeds, head over to their website

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7 thoughts on “So you Wanna be a Photographer?

  1. Fantastic graphic of the pitfalls of the ‘going pro’ dream that many of us amateurs have. I’m not much of a marketer/self-promoter so it would drive me crazy to spend that much time and energy focused on that end of the spectrum. That and I’d have to pay for all my flights – rather than leveraging my business travel for my hobby. It’d get expensive quick!

    • The graphic does show the difference between reality and expectations. I am still shocked by the amount of time i spend doing admin, blogging and using social media. This seems to be the modern world.

      At the center the graphic talks about joy. If you have no joy in what you do, why do it.

      • Couldn’t agree more – at first I thought I’d aspire to be a ‘pro’ after several years of honing my skills but seeing the demands on people’s time that self-promotion takes seems to be a real pain. I’m uncomfortable with that angle so it’d be hard be successful with all the noise from other corners of the net.

        Now I’m just happy to keep learning and evolving. Keep up the great work!

  2. Interesting, actually very accurate…this graphic could relate to many other skills, artisans, crafters, painters, writers, etc., doing what makes us happy to make a living is ideal, unfortunately not always possible…

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