Adding Boarders

I really like having fun in Photoshop, it is a sandbox where you can create nearly anything and if you don’t like it, strike it down and delete it.

I quite like adding boarders to an image to give an image an authentic film feel or to be creative.

Bricked-Door-Kodak-FrameIn the darkroom including the whole film in a print was a way of showing that the image was uncropped and the composition is what you created in camera.
In the digital dark room adding such a frame is more of an artistic flare adding a aesthetic to an image.

If I do use a film frame as a boarder I try to match the tone of the image to the boarder. . In the case of the image above I tried to Emulate Kodak T-max.

well-and-castle-black-and-white-contact-sheetYou can also be quite creative as well with boarders. In the image above I have emulated a contact sheet. A contact sheets  was a way to preview what images you had captured on your film.Usually you would write and draw on the contact sheets with either printing instructions or cropping ideas.

In my image i used a single image and framed it in the contract strip.

I sourced my boarders from here

Do you like how I have used the boarders? Do you add boarders to your work? Or any other comment positive or negative let me know in the comment box below.

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5 thoughts on “Adding Boarders

  1. Thanks for the info. I’ve never used borders mainly because I have wondered about how to make sure the border fits your image and whether they are available as high res files so you can produce a nice print. In certain instances, especially with black and white I do feel they can enhance an image. I do like the images you have produced above.

    • Thank you Embee, boarders do come in highres files and if you purchase them from a stock library they will be really good. The ones I linked to are of a good resolution for printing up to A3. Alternatively you can develop a blank film and scan the negative to get a boarder as well.
      There are some really creative things you can do with boarders, and will post something more next week.

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